Marian County Hospital

I just wanted to let you know that our Pediatric unit appreciates what you have done.

This includes the toy donations and the wonderful Mobile Playroom Cart!

It has been an asset to the patients’ as it addresses their needs.

I have personally noticed what a difference it has made for many of our children.


For example, this last week I observed what a great distraction technique a Memory game provided

to a 5 year old patient who also just graduated Kindergarten.

He was ready to show nursing how smart he was & how he was winning over his Mom!

The positive distraction definitely helped during his stressful time.


It has been nice to have more age and developmentally appropriate items to provide the pediatric population.

I just wanted to let you know that I have noticed the benefit.

It provides a positive distraction, definitely a little joy, and I have seen the recent literature supporting this!


Thanks so much,

~Christine M. Palola, ANM, Peds / 4 South


Christine M. Palola
June 22, 2011